General tips on what to wear to a wedding for men and women


Having the right kind of attire is essential. If you are confused with what to wear to a wedding, it’s important you find help and that’s what we are about to do.

The dressing style for the man and woman could be different for the wedding day. Here are tips on what to wear to a wedding as a lady and as a man. Please note that this post is specifically for those who aren’t willing to wear the native African fabric to weddings.

Going by the popular saying, ‘Ladies first!’, let’s begin with selection for women.



When choosing what to wear for ladies, a dress is usually the best option.  You also do not want to steal focus from the bride, avoid white dresses or anything that is somewhat too low-cut, too fitting or too short.


As for the color, you may want to stick to happier colors and avoid darker/dull colors such as black, dark gray, navy or dark brown. If the wedding is going to take place in the evening, you may get away with wearing darker colors.


Shoes can accentuate the glamour of your outfit. Choose shoes that some add height, high heels will therefore do well. Those that are not well versed with high heels can opt for wedges. You can get away with wearing sandals in case it is going to be a beach wedding.

As for the perfect evening wear, you do not want to have any jacket thrown over your dress as you enjoy partying the night away. You can add a classy option of a scarf or shawl that wraps around your shoulders in case you get somewhat cold.

For men

What should I wear to a wedding

Men’s rules of dressing are not very stringent. The only thing that you have keep in mind is to never show up in jean or a ripped tee shirt, unless the dressing has been previously indicated to be super-casual. The proper etiquette for men’s dressing is official wear, this remains the same across the board for different weddings at different venues.

Informal evening weddings or semi-formal daytime weddings also call for suits. Semi-formal wears during evenings especially call for suits and ties. For formal wedding in the evening, if the invitation makes mention of a black tie, then a dark suit will serve well.

Use the invitation 

For a general rule of how to wear to a wedding, use the invitation as your guideline. You can find details of how to dress for the big day. Howeverif it is not well indicated, look at the style of the invitation. The color, flower and decoration of the invitation letter should assist you to know what exactly you should wear.

Making sure that the bride and groom have a memorable time is an important thing that a guest can do. One way to do this is to exercise a good judgment in your dressingYou do not want to take attention from the newlyweds nor do you want to disappoint them by dressing inappropriately. Follow these guidelines on what to wear and you will be the perfect wedding guest.