Late Dora Akunyili’s daughter Chidiogo ties the knot with her Canadian fiancé Andrew


Traditional Marriage Ceremony and Wedding of late Dora Akunyili’s daughter Chidiogo and Canadian fiancé Andrew in Anambra

The lovers had both their traditional and church wedding ceremonies on June 2, 2018 in Agulu, Anambra State, with friends and family members of former NAFDAC boss and minister of Information and Communications joining in the colourful, emotional ceremonies.

Civil union of late Dora Akunyili’s daughter, Chidiogo and Canadian fiancé, Andrew took place in Agulu, Anambra State. The interracial couple who first exchanged marital vows in March 2017, finally walked down the aisle in Anambra.

The groom with his friends and family first arrived at Agulu in Anambra state which is the hometown of the bride on June 1, taking time to get to meet and know their in-laws in preparation of the grand wedding. They received a warm welcome and experienced the richness of the eastern culture as they anticipated the wedding which was set to hold hours after their arrival being Saturday 2nd of June, 2018.

Sources reveal that the intimate white wedding ceremony held at Madona Catholic Church, Agulu, Anambra on June 2 and was attended by family and friends, who came from far and near to celebrate the special love the couple had found in each other. Photo from the special event immediately went viral as it emerged online, with many congratulating the couple as they begin a new chapter in their journey to family, abundant love, growth and progress.

Chidiogo once revealed how she met Andrew. In a post shared on her Instagram page, she shared how she had wished him into existence and was blessed by the universe with the exact kind of man she asked for. According to her, they first met in the deserts of Nevada and instantly connected. Several months later, they are waxing stronger and she’s taking his last name.

Chidiogo, who ensured that the ceremonies burst with bright colours from sparkling whites to green to purple and bright red says on Instagram about the wedding that:

Andrew and I made a conscious effort to infuse this day with the intention of love and #sacredflow.

So much gratitude to all the people who made the day filled with laughter, tears, music, dance, love, and the knowing that my mother was with us every step of the way. ”