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Popular cross-dresser, Bobrisky, has been known to give Nigerians the impression of his sophistication on social media. However, he was recently spotted riding on a commercial bike popularly referred to as okada in Lagos. An excited fan recognised the controversial celeb and proceeded to recording him. Bobrisky however, did not look too proud to be riding on the bike as he was seen covering his face and body.

Bobrisky spotted riding on okada in Lagos as he tries to hide his face

After the now viral video hit the internet, Bobrisky has explained why he boarded an okada in the first place. According to him, he had a flight to catch at the airport and the Lagos traffic might have delayed him if he had not carried a bike.

Bobrisky spotted riding on okada in Lagos as he tries to hide his face

Bobrisky explaining why he boarded the bike Photo: @bobrisky222 / Instagram Source: Instagram

He wrote: “Many Nigerians don’t have common sense. My flight ✈️ to Abuja was supposed to be 4.30pm but i left my house at lekki late… I left home 3.30pm and the hold up was mad simply because of the rain that fell today…. Myself and my makeup artist @daniellesbeautyworld had to fly a bike so we can meet up with our flight. Luckily on arrival to the airport our flight ✈️ was delayed. I can’t miss my bestie birthday @tontolet party tomorrow because of Nigeria hold up. Never !!!! Even with me flying bike I still look beautiful. So haters I hope you all understand.

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