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#Get The Date Fixed

There’s no better place to start planning for a wedding in Nigeria than to get the date fixed. What you should consider is a perfect date for your wedding, whether you’re planning a low key wedding or a banging bash, is one that allows you enough time to prepare adequately for it.

No particular date can be referred to as “a perfect wedding date,” rather, any date that is convenient enough for you is, and you can gladly claim it as yours. Once you decide on the date, communicate it to your family and friends on time, leaving out only those you plan to invite with an invitation card.

#Decide on the Type of Wedding

What type of wedding do you want? Are you planning a low key wedding or you want to shut down the city? Or is it going to be a Nigerian wedding somewhere on the average scale? It doesn’t matter which type of wedding you settle for, what matters most is that you enjoy your ceremony, and kick start your life as a legally married couple looking to live happily ever after.

Whatever the case, keep in mind that choosing to settle for a low key wedding isn’t an indication of a lack of resources (money primarily), and lavishing everything to paint the city red isn’t a confirmation that everything would go smoothly after the wedding party is over and everybody that heaped praises on you leave for their own humble abode. Choose a wedding type that fits you and your spouse, both in what resonates best with both of you, what you can afford, and most importantly, what will end up leaving a lifetime of sweet memories in your hearts.

#Make Your Wedding Budget

The decision you took above affects what is obtainable here. The things needed to buy for a wedding are endless, most especially if you don’t decide and make a pocket-friendly budget for yourself.

Decide the exact amount you want to spend (and can comfortably spend) on your wedding, and move such amount to a separate savings destination. Whether it’s your Piggy bank, or in your bride’s personal savings (Trick: I think women love weddings a lot more, so they’d save that money with their lives as against the guys). Once you’ve decided on that Nigerian wedding budget, stick to it.

#Create Your Wedding Planner Guide

You need a wedding planner guide. You can, and should create, or get one for yourself. A wedding planner guide will help you tabulate everything you need to get done before the wedding day, on the wedding day, and after the wedding day as you head straight to your promised land, HONEYMOON!

#Get a Detailed Wedding Checklist

Your wedding planner guide should be made into a checklist making it easier for you to checkoff every item you’ve attended to. If you’re yet to create your wedding planner guide, you wouldn’t have anything to checkoff.

#Get Other Wedding dress and accessories

The wedding dress (for the bride) can either be hired or bought. Get wedding dress and accessories that suits your day and the lady you want to marry. Also remember that that day you will have to dance and dance till the crowd is satisfied, make sure the dress would permit this without hassle.

#Sew Asoebi

If I am correct, asoebi somewhat means the dress meant for friends or relatives whom makes the day colorful for you. The material comes at a price which the bride resells to those that are interested. However, things could get ugly especially when people owe you or refuse to pay. So if you are going to give it a shot, be prepared for the politics that comes with it.

#Meet and Hire vendors

As you are your own wedding planner, hiring and dismissing vendors such as, photographers, videographers, caterers, fashion designers, ushers, is up to you. Be sure to book them ahead of time so that availability won’t be an issue. Also, before taking out your cheque book, meet two or three other people in the business. Then compare to know which clearly appeals to you in terms of what you have to offer and vice versa.

#Book MC and DeeJay

The master of ceremony is another important part of wedding. He anchors the event, smoothing the audience with interesting talk and laughable gist. Actually, the MC and the DeeJay are responsible for making the event lively. I’m sure you can imagine how a wedding would be with a boring MC and DeeJay handling things; it would be awful. It is therefore important to find persons who does not need to bat an eyelid before your audience have their ribs cracked.

#Send out Invitations

Make use of various media to get the word out. Depending on how big you intend the wedding to be, you can place an advert in the papers. Apart from that, use the regular invitation cards and bulk sms to contact people, kindly ask them to come share in your celebration. Get a card that is easy on the eyes as that will make the information on the card appealing. Also remember to send a ‘thank you’ message to everyone after the event.

#Arrange for your Honeymoon

Finally, don’t make the mistake of leaving honeymoon out of the whole picture. Every woman looks forward to it. Get somewhere romantic that won’t dig a hole in your pocket.

 It is important that as you plan your wedding you also plan life together with your wife-to-be. Plans are the foundation of success, so don’t deprive yourselves that.

Now, go plan your wedding

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